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Selecting the Right Retirement Destination

Choosing a retirement location can be a stressful experience, especially when you combine your own questions with the pressures you might be receiving from loved ones to live near them. Here are ten tips to help ensure that your retired life is as wonderful as it can be.

  1. Do not Rush Yourself. - Determining where and how you are going to spend what should be the most restful and exciting period of your life should not be a snap decision. Do not feel as though you have to make the decision quickly, and be sure to give yourself plenty of time to weigh all your options before deciding.
  2. Do not Underestimate Your Decision. - The place you retire will be a place where you spend the majority of your time for a dramatically large portion of your life. Take into account all of the factors—how close do you want to be to family and friends? Do you want something familiar or a new adventure to thrill you?
  3. Get Professional Advice. - If you plan on buying property to spend your retirement in, be sure to do your research. Meet with realtors to ensure that you find a home that is perfectly suitable for your current and future lifestyle needs.
  4. Research, Research, Research! - This cannot be overstated. It is impossible to do too much research when selecting a place to live. Read books, visit locations in person, and talk to trusted people who live or have lived in the locations you’re considering. This data will be invaluable to you in your decision and your search.
  5. Narrow Down Your Options. - Now that you have done some research and taken your time to consider all your choices, it is time to start narrowing down. Cross off places that you know will grow tiresome or inconvenient after a few years. Narrow in on the places you can truly see yourself living for the next few decades.
  6. Consider All Factors. - Do not leave out concerns like weather, cost of living, and natural disasters when picking a spot. These can often be overlooked, and can lead to buyer’s remorse when it comes to your retirement location.
  7. Narrow Down Again! - Now it is time to get tough on your list of locations and to be completely honest with yourself—is this somewhere you really want to live, or somewhere you wish you wanted to live? Are you being pressured by relatives or loved ones to be somewhere that does not speak to you? These are the considerations to make as you whittle your list down to three or four locations.
  8. Cool Off the Pressure. - Remember that your retirement is the time of your life that should be about you. This decision can be stressful, but try to see it as exciting. Enjoy the process, and you will enjoy the place where you eventually live.
  9. Retirement Community or Independent? - This is a big decision. Do you want the convenience and catered experience that comes from a retirement community, or do you want to feel more connected to the world and active in your community? This is a tough choice, so take it seriously and consider all factors.
  10. Make Your Choice! - Now you are ready to make your decision. Whittle down your list, do some final research and make a pros/cons list about your remaining options. Once you have decided on a location, do not look back. It is time for you to truly begin your wonderful retirement!

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