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About Us

Ausim Mobeen, CFP®, CLU, CHS, PMP

Certified Financial Planner®

Mr. Ausim Mobeen, a qualified Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter and Certified Health Specialist.

Ausim is distinctively qualified to achieve the investment and financial goals of individuals, families, Business Owners and retirees. He believes becoming a great financial planner is all about understanding the needs of clients and recognizing their inimitable economic and life circumstances.

Ausim has proven expertise and winning strategies to assist his clients with a full range of financial products and services. Financial Planning, Tax Planning, and Education Planning, Wealth Management, Estate Planning, Budgeting and Debt elimination to name a few. The secret of Ausim’s achievements is a proven and personalized approach to make wealth management and financial planning an easy and achievable task.

Whether your current goal involves purchasing a first home, financing a child’s college education or planning for retirement, as a qualified counsel Ausim helps you make the best decision. Ausim has helped individuals, families, Business owners and retirees make intelligent and well-informed decisions about their Financial Security in his long and flourished career. As a result he has built a loyal clientele who knows that in situation of advice Ausim is just a phone call away.

Ausim believes that world can’t be a better place without giving back to the community. He supports various causes by volunteering at non-profit organizations. He is also an excellent and outstanding speaker and delivers financial literacy seminars to varied communities and age groups.

Mr. Mobeen is a member of Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC).

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